Sunday, 22 June 2014

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art!!

Sculpture, painting, sketches and what not in the art fame wall can be made a visual art, odds are fashion sculptors are already picking up ideas for their new runway collection. Fashion houses are crawling under the layers of art world to find inspiration that is out-of-the-box. Creative ideas are put-on-rest and fresh designs are piled up on the desk while the brains are busy hurling art forms that are not mainstream. Their Muses’ flames have inspired a fresh collection that is vivid and has a concept that talks out load about the ideas it carries in the form of woven fabric. The collections inspired by the art form are a play of unique eye-catching patterns that will flatter the feminine silhouette. The collection expresses attitude and symmetry at the same time. The result of the inspiration is a thematic collection that has spread its wings from perfume bottle prints to the world of interiors.

Art and Fashion have been walking hand-in-hand through centuries and return to the runway after the end of a fashion decade. It is difficult now to differentiate between the two anymore. They have blurred together to create a world where art can weaved with hands that can even paint a masterpiece. Sometimes, it pumps your heart and makes the hair of your face stand with amusement created by the mix. Years went by to achieve this perfect recipe that made every eye filled with lust to own the great Mix’s baby. French couturier Paul Poiret was one of the names that actually showed deep interest in Art and even employed Persian Artists that fueled the same. He collected Impressionist paintings that were unacceptable by the hall of art and used those as inspiration for theater costumes. Today, it can be concluded that there is no line between them. The pieces churning out from this great relation portrays the highly charged moments of emotions, sexuality, gender, politics, modernism, and romanticism.  The changing cuts, fabrics and prints of the pieces from the renowned designers through the time have a close relation to the development in the field of Art. When designers and artists work together as a team, the question of whether fashion is art pops-up. The muses’ inspire a collection that is both visually awe-inspiring and something familiar is presented in an unfamiliar way.  Clothes are now statements while the wearers are becoming walking canvases.