Monday, 17 March 2014

Let it be!!

Someone told me once, “Life is tricky, you ought to keep your guards up!!” but this person never told me why I should do that. With passage of time, I completely forgot what he told me and to tell you the truth his face as well. But now I know why he warned me and I know how important it is.

I am not a kind of guy who is self-centred. I am weirdo with a huge heart, which has done nothing except for beating and giving me endless pain. (I am not boasting that I am a very nice human but this what my friends always say for me.)  Life has shown me many colours but I have always been unlucky when it came to red colour. The crimson red colour of love and death as well. I have seen its worse side but never a side where it bathed me in light of sheer bliss.

Why is that?? I never expect more than I can get. I never force myself on anyone. I give it a chance and let it blossom and moreover, I never confess what’s on my mind to the other person to avoid an awkward situation or losing someone amazing or killing the brewing future. Am I doing something wrong?

I am so confused these days that I have been marking mails to wrong departments at work. This time I think I committed a blunder; I confessed my feelings to someone who never cared about them. No idea what got into me and why I did what I never did in my life.

I want to write and express so much but I am not able to. There is so much in my head that I want to share but words are leaving my side. I am falling apart for falling for someone. I need to get back together before I loose myself. Whole day I stare at my phone in a hope but this person is going to ping me and tell me what’s cooking in the head. ‘I am sorry for bringing troubles in your life.” This is what you have to say?? Really? “It bothers me.” Sorry, I don’t think so. I never bothered you in 1st place and it will never bother you for rest of your life. From past 5 days, I have been sharing my past and present, but what all I get is “I wanna/need to meet you”. For What?? Have fun with/meet anyone you want to or do anything in your life –DRAMA,WORK or MBA, just do not bother me. So good luck as I am slowly going to disappear from your happening life. I am done holding the door for you.

To tell you the truth, your life never changed its pace, if I was there before or not present now.

Who are Aquarians??

"In spring, when -woods are getting green, I'll try and tell you what I mean:
In summer, when the days are long, Perhaps you'll understand the song.
For this must ever be -A SECRET"

In a true sense, every aqurian is a Mystery in many layers. We not only like reading mysteries, but we like to surround ourselves with mysteries.

Aquarians the Solution: Try letting down the mental guard that you keep on your emotions that stops you from being the self you long to be.
Aquarians Problem: You always seem to miss the boat when it comes to love.
Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities.
Two ways to piss an Aquarian off: 1. Wake them up when they’re sleeping 2. Eat their food .
As an Aquarian, you feel and understand things deeply, but have the unique ability not to show your emotions.
Aquarians are very honest people and care not only for themselves but for others a great deal.
Aquarians are never afraid of taking chances, but we have to sit aside for a sec to think about the consequences
Aquarians often look for that perfect relationship
As an Aquarian, you want money for the experiences that life has to offer, rather than acquiring it for the sake of having it.
Aquarian relationships really thrive when their partner: brings passion and emotional warmth into their life.
Aquarians don’t bullshit, if they say they are going to do something they fucking do it.
If an Aquarian gets mad, duck.
When Aquarians speak, they speak the truth. Otherwise they’ll just stick with thinking.
Aquarian and Gemini make Great couple, definitely meant for each other. Either way, they are set to remain one or the other for life
Aquarian Positive Traits; Friendly and humanitarian, Original and inventive, Independent and intellectual, Honest and Loyal.
Aquarian Negative Traits; Contrary, Perverse, Unpredictable, Moody, Detached and Sometimes quiet.
Aquarians is a Positive Fixed Air Sign.  Their lucky Color : Turquoise, Blue.  The Water Bearer always thinks 50 years ahead in time.
Aquarians don’t leave you. They’re in 11th house of the Zodiac. The House of friendship. They care about friends more than any other sign.
When Aquarians don’t want to be bothered, they will ignore all calls, texts, emails, tweets etc, basically they shut you out
Aquarians can give you unconditional Love once they Trust you.
Aquarians heart is too big, too fragile, sometimes too giving, too intense, too everything, yet, still awesome
As an Aquarian, in life you have a unique way of looking at things and this helps make you stand out from other people.
As an Aquarian, you make an excellent friend but the worst kind of enemy
Aquarians are the easiest people to make friends with but the hardest to truly know. ‘I knew from the day we met, you’d be kind of hard to forget.’
Aquarians Are attracted to good looking people, but are more concerned about what’s inside a person.
An Aquarian is more likely to fall in love with your personality and not with your possessions.
People might think Aquarians are pushover because of how calm and easy going we are. Get us mad and its hell, our rage is not normal.
If Aquarians wants something done, they will do it themselves.
Aquarians keep the old “treat others the way you want to be treated” rule close by at all times.
Aquarians tend to accidentally ignore the world to be in their own little world.
Aquarians are modest, fun, caring, humble and loyal.
Aquarians controls the honesty in a relationship. If they suspect you are not being truthful, they back out.
Aquarians express their emotions by writing, painting and drawing.
An Aquarian is afraid to fall for people because they are afraid it’ll just be one-way love.
Aquarians use the silent treatment because we’d rather look unemotional than to reveal our true intense emotions at the time.
An Aquarian will give you a taste of your own medicine, whether good or bad.
An Aquarian tends to get too fired up and competitive in games! Some people find it cute & some people get scared and run away.
It’s actually hard for an Aquarian to accept defeat, even though they walk away with their head held high!
An Aquarian may seem like a tough nut to crack, but sooner or later, they will open up to you and let their emotions run free.
An Aquarian definitely regrets what they didn’t do, more than the mistakes that they have made!
Aquarians might not remember your name at first, but we’ll always remember your personality.
Sometimes when you’re verbally telling Aquarians not to do it, they’ve already accepted in their mind they’re going to do it.
When you are literally stuck in an Aquarian mind, that’s when we finally accept we like you. Although, it will be confusing at first.
If an Aquarian confesses that he/she likes you consider yourself lucky because they mean it and they don’t do that very often.
Mentally, an Aquarian can simultaneously maintain focus on various tasks, topics and responsibilities.
Only Aquarians know what they’re going through. Mostly because they will front as if they’re going through nothing.
If you want to attract an Aquarian show some interest
Aquarians hold on to their memories very tightly!
It’s impossible to just figure out what kind Aquarian you just met. If they seem serious at first, they’re probably actually super funny. When an Aquarian gets really attached it might be really hard to let the other person go.
Aquarians gives everyone same attention, and only if they don’t like you or likes you too much, they’ll be hesitant to talk or approach you.
Aquarians don’t like lies, even white lies, they always prefer truth.
Once an Aquarian has their eye on you, you are theirs.
Aquarians come up with great advice. Most of the time, they have been through what you need help in
Aquarians usually have a master plan that most people fail to comprehend.
Aquarian aged mentality and social skills often leave an air of nobility surrounding these beings. They have it like that.
Aquarians forgives and forgetts: We forgive you for screwing up & we FORGET you ever existed.
Aquarians will accept you for who you are. We’ll respect you more if you own your character than lie about it.
Aquarians act like a sarcastic, pleasant, fun, angel in public but a complete FREAK in the sheets, and the thought kind of turns us on.
If you know an Aquarian, then you know that when they dream, they dream big.
Once an Aquarian realizes you take them for granted, they will make a move and slowly disappear from your life.
Aquarians Likes: fame and recognition, personal privacy, dreams, magic, change, uniqueness, surprises, and living within their means.                
Aquarians Dislikes: Show offs, being taken for granted, violence, senseless, or purposeless Extravagance and Ignorance of any sort.

Aquarians is not a fighter, but will knock you ass out.