Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I Bagged!!

From past few days I have not been updating this blog, I am sorry blog as der are no visitors as such!! So, what I was upto? Nothing much, just dying with fever..... But in between I found some amazing stuff online for guys. Plus, my I Know shirt got delivered just today!! :) Thanks to Fashionandyou.com, it took 26 days. ;(

Take a look at it:

Monday, 14 May 2012

Popping the PILLS!!

Every face of the earth has the loath expression dancing across. Their smile doesn't represent a happiness for your existence but has an underlined pity for you. Wherever you put a foot in, it directly lands in your own mouth. Being sweet to someone is now considered a mean nature. You have to explain your every move of life to a total stranger. Walls are your new best friend and phone is the most irritating thing in the world. When someone known passes by with a “WHO IS this PERSON LOOK” on the face. It is the right time to pop the pill.

Many people consider term “SUICIDE” a cowardly act, including me. But what makes a person tick and do something so formidable. It is the surrounding of that poor fellow that gets onto the dying horse and kicks in its guts. They forget the hard times they saw before reaching the place they are on. But it doesn't mean we can blame the people so openly as no one in the society is ready to accept the fault on their face. Every person has a power to read the expressions, sometime they use it wisely and sometimes they ignore. What is more important is vice versa of this scenario in the terms of the recipient. That poor fellow is reading every move of your gesture and simultaneously the BRAIN is predicting. When the tall phrases like I am there, please do not worry, everything will be fine and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH shatter, this where the indirect murder takes place. I know many of you will blame the person for not taking the things lightly, forgetting the past, considering the family and other stuff.

But what pushes that person over the edge? The PUSH from the FRIENDS, FAMILY and CO-WORKERS. Think for one instance, if everything would have been so easy for that person to absorb, forget and move on, then would that person have approached you ever? LOVING Family, that was always proud of the achievements of their kid, just turns into a living hell with freakishly negative statements or TAUNTs to be more precise. EXCITED Friends, who always wanted to meet, talk or hangout, doesn't even return the MSG. SUPPORTIVE Co-Workers, who tend to ignore you on your face or bitch on your back or consider you as the latest in line laughing stock. All this just because that person took a wrong decision in life or for some reason has been a victim. 

One word for this - BRAVO PEOPLE!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


So what were you doing last night? What are you going to do today? What will you be doing tomorrow? In all these questions one thing is common. It's not the word "WHAT", it's your imagination that is running parallel while you answer these. One thing you will notice that in all the situations you imagined, you are in a comfortable pair of JEANS.

Jeans, the most important part of our life when it comes to dressing up. Gone are the days when it was more about any accessory for the macho gentleman fighting the gang of Goons to impress the lady in red saree. Or to show off the big bulge of glorious manhood to the bunch of bimbettes in some third grade films. It's more about the comfort and making a fashion statement in today's era. Throw away your old straight cut jeans or give it to the under the tree tailor who will have more knowledge about the latest trend, for sure. It's all about the cuts, fabrics and textures for the youth of today and yes COLOURS. Take a look at the latest pair of jeans to give your wardrobe a new dimension.



You can find Spykar and s.Oliver Jeans at jabong.com, Shoppersstop.com and Junglee.com


Friday, 11 May 2012

Sky Lantern

Once upon a time, the world was full of fairies and angels who were threatened with the gloom of the devil. Gloom so strong that even the god could not help but witness the drama unfold. But in every dark phase, there is a hero to save the world and present it with a gift of progress. It is what every fable or fairy tale has in common, the hero and its fight with the devil. What makes this hero a “HERO”? Strength, looks, techniques or the art to rebel? The answer is the base of all these qualities, the CONFIDENCE. One word that can either make you a star or break all your dreamy towers.
It's not easy to get it as it is not sold by the chemists or marketed by the supplement giants or available at the voodoo shop or can be stolen from someone. For further dismay, it's not even present in the genes from your parents. No one knows how to get it or where it comes from. But everyone knows that it's a small daring feeling that gives it a rise or you can say it develops when you jump the barriers of the fear. Just like when you finally started to crawl around the house on your knees when you were never aware what your tiny little brain went through to make you take that step. There is a very commonly used phrase “The silver ray in the dark phase.” This phrase is apt for anyone who wants to understand what confidence is all about. One can never forget the feeling of writing the first exam of the life, everything is confusing and looks like a total mess. This is the time when the confidence plays its role and makes you realize that what are writing corresponds to the problem in the question.
For me confidence is similar to the shiny Sky Lantern in the star dotted night sky. Every star is a level where you want to reach and the free floating lantern is the symbol of the confidence or free spirit. In fairy tales term, the distance between the goal is the devil and the free floating lantern is the confidence inside one to reach that goal no matter what while illuminating surrounding and defeating the gloom. Happy ENDING!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Something HATKE!!

Are you not over yet with the same old solid or stripped look, may you have added checks like others are flaunting?? SIMPLE or PLAIN are the two words that flash in bold when you head out for shopping? If that's the case, then please learn something from your friends or people around you or just click on the CROSS on the tab. In no BIBLE or RULE book it's written to dress like a moron. Dress like a king, leave the worries in the dustbin and shop for stuff that can get you noticed. Take a closer look at some of the shirts below that you can incorporate into your daily wardrobe:




Sunday, 6 May 2012


Many a times, we men take our skin very lightly and sulk when a girl or friend point outs the flaws on it. Why do we even give a chance to others to pinpoint?? If you are with me on this, then you can opt for a fully herbal brand, Tatha that will rejuvenate your skin in-depth and will relive it of the impurities that blocks its breathing space. Go ahead and try its enriched products that are processed to keep your skin free from chemicals and pollution. For further Information please visit Tatha or Fetise.com.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Avengers (2012)

One movie that can fulfill all your imaginations and can even fuel some more is The Avengers. Marvel Comics has given a new life to the imagination of geeks and kids who believe that the gods and Super Heroes will unite to protect the planet Earth. It will neither disappoint you nor will give you a chance to imagine what will happen next. Who will rule and who will die is all in the hands of the mere scientist. That mere, mortal and fragile scientist (HULK) turns the table on the god who wants to rule Earth. It was fun to catch this marvelous Marvel creation in the 3D platform.