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Sunday, 13 May 2012


So what were you doing last night? What are you going to do today? What will you be doing tomorrow? In all these questions one thing is common. It's not the word "WHAT", it's your imagination that is running parallel while you answer these. One thing you will notice that in all the situations you imagined, you are in a comfortable pair of JEANS.

Jeans, the most important part of our life when it comes to dressing up. Gone are the days when it was more about any accessory for the macho gentleman fighting the gang of Goons to impress the lady in red saree. Or to show off the big bulge of glorious manhood to the bunch of bimbettes in some third grade films. It's more about the comfort and making a fashion statement in today's era. Throw away your old straight cut jeans or give it to the under the tree tailor who will have more knowledge about the latest trend, for sure. It's all about the cuts, fabrics and textures for the youth of today and yes COLOURS. Take a look at the latest pair of jeans to give your wardrobe a new dimension.



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