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Monday, 19 November 2012


People say that my first love is FOOD!! Nah, it is always and always going to be clothes. My never ending love for clothes has landed me into deep shit at my home because of over-bulging wardrobe but I still cannot give up on it. One thing that makes me a Shopaholic is not the brand name (Not at all brand crazy) but the CUT/DESIGN. For me clothes are like diamonds, you need to check the cut, design and clarity of the execution with a piece of fabric before you bet your hard earned money on it. If one thing goes wrong, the whole apparel is a mess. 

My LOVE for clothes will never die and example to prove it is this FCUK Jacket. No idea if this belongs to the latest collection but I am ready to don it without considering all that. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Online business is booming like hell and taking over the business of sprawling malls across the country. Only thing where they are lagging behind is serving the users with Chilly Potatoes with Ice Tea!! There breakeven is not that great but are able to take over the undivided attention of the consumers who once felt that they cannot purchase without feeling the fabric. They are coming up with collections that you will not be able to find under the big banner retail chains. And what is remarkable is the quality combined with over-the-edge designs that are priced at prices that will astonish you. Here I am not talking about the Online Giants who just dump their websites with products and products without even looking at the designs or cuts. I am talking about the websites that have recently cropped-up and are acquiring market share at a steady pace. One such brand name is INKFRUIT.COM.

Some of the products from its collection are as follows:
(Starting with LED T-shirts that I recently ordered at very reasonable prices)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bhikari Chic

Toga worn by the Romans was a symbol of Royalty and now it is the symbol of a Beggar!! But this English "Bhickari" is an inspiration and one of the two words that are in vogue. Introducing "Bhikari Chic", a brand that is none other than inspired by "Us". This brand leaves the orthodoxies of Fashion far behind and gives you something that is not served on daily platter. The designer photographer duo has come up with a killer collection of MSG and Graphic Tees that can catch eyeballs. Duo is constantly flooding the fashion space with Tees that Gen X is finding irresistible to grab. 

Last but not the least, "Bhikari Chic is der to make everything Fasionable and Wearable!"

Monday, 25 June 2012

Designer Garbs: Josh Goraya

When the sun goes down, When the lights go out..... We run the night! To flash some style whole night one needs wardrobe that can define one's free spirit. So, Josh Goraya, a name that is already making news in the fashion world brings forth a new label, Designer Garbs. Apparels that characterized for contrast crepe panels, angled hems, bold yokes and unique highlights. 

Exemplify your STYLE!!






Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I Bagged!!

From past few days I have not been updating this blog, I am sorry blog as der are no visitors as such!! So, what I was upto? Nothing much, just dying with fever..... But in between I found some amazing stuff online for guys. Plus, my I Know shirt got delivered just today!! :) Thanks to, it took 26 days. ;(

Take a look at it:

Sunday, 13 May 2012


So what were you doing last night? What are you going to do today? What will you be doing tomorrow? In all these questions one thing is common. It's not the word "WHAT", it's your imagination that is running parallel while you answer these. One thing you will notice that in all the situations you imagined, you are in a comfortable pair of JEANS.

Jeans, the most important part of our life when it comes to dressing up. Gone are the days when it was more about any accessory for the macho gentleman fighting the gang of Goons to impress the lady in red saree. Or to show off the big bulge of glorious manhood to the bunch of bimbettes in some third grade films. It's more about the comfort and making a fashion statement in today's era. Throw away your old straight cut jeans or give it to the under the tree tailor who will have more knowledge about the latest trend, for sure. It's all about the cuts, fabrics and textures for the youth of today and yes COLOURS. Take a look at the latest pair of jeans to give your wardrobe a new dimension.



You can find Spykar and s.Oliver Jeans at, and

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I Know

Conceptualized apparel from a designer brand I Know, which has marked its presence in the market with a versatile and unconventional collection. With the essence of Indian roots, I Know is the brainchild of designers Timsy and Siddhartha, this brand creates one of a kind garments. A collection crafted with a focus on the tradition includes Shirts, Kurta, Trousers, Jackets, Waistcoats and more.

Personally, I must say this duo has made me shop like hell. My wardrobe is flooded with the items from their magnificent collection. Some of the Kurtas, Shirts and Trousers from their collection are as follows: