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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I wish I could carry my warm-warm Blanket and hot-hot Coffee Mug when I leave for office in the morning. It is still not freezing in Delhi but the chilly wind gives you shivers and in the evening you just cannot step out. Warmth of smoke and small fills of instant coffee are a bit of relief providers at the office. But you can beat the winter with all new range of Jackets form various brands. Check out some of my favorites:


Flying Machine


Indian Terrain

Just Natural



United Colors of Benetton

Monday, 19 November 2012


People say that my first love is FOOD!! Nah, it is always and always going to be clothes. My never ending love for clothes has landed me into deep shit at my home because of over-bulging wardrobe but I still cannot give up on it. One thing that makes me a Shopaholic is not the brand name (Not at all brand crazy) but the CUT/DESIGN. For me clothes are like diamonds, you need to check the cut, design and clarity of the execution with a piece of fabric before you bet your hard earned money on it. If one thing goes wrong, the whole apparel is a mess. 

My LOVE for clothes will never die and example to prove it is this FCUK Jacket. No idea if this belongs to the latest collection but I am ready to don it without considering all that. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quirk Box

Many a times, I just tend to surf the net aimlessly. That is the time I get lucky the most and to prove this little unbelievable myth, I have something that I plan to buy next month. This is a little extraordinary and out of my fashion scoop. I have never worn such a thing in my life and never dared to. But this time, I  ought to buy it as my gut feeling says that I will be able to carry it off. I know many of you will not take my idea seriously after taking a look at it but I want this piece for sure. Here I present, a quirky jacket tagged as Toy Factory Soldiers by Quirk Box.

Quirk Box, Toy Soldiers Jacket

Quirk Box, Toy Soldiers Jacket
Quirk Box, Toy Soldiers Jacket

Quirk Box, Toy Soldiers Shirt

Quirk Box, Toy Soldiers Shorts