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Monday, 25 June 2012

Good Earth - Golkonda

When it comes to doing it in a grand manner then there is only one name that creates an extraordinarily breathtaking range of Items as well lives up to the expectations. Good Earth, every year it celebrates the colourful spirit of India and honors it by recreating the magic that can grace your lifeless rooms, blank walls and plain tables. 

This time Good Earth has brought the craft from the royal courts of Golkonda in the form of ornate golden lanterns, royal dinnerware and upholstery. Good Earth's Design Collection 2011-2012 ‘Golkonda' exhibition that personifies opulent palaces is priced between Rs. 700 and Rs. 22,500. 

Collection celebrating the colours and glitter of Golkonda diamonds has chandeliers, cut glass furniture and more. Tiger, the symbol of Tipu Sultan is recreated on the cushions and upholstery with portraits of royal women against florescent colours is used on small cushions. 

The designer collection for bed linen is graced with art of hand painting, Kalamkari from Machlipatnam. Dinner sets and glasses are adorned with the intricate patterns of Bidriwork from Hyderabad.