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Monday, 4 February 2013

Magpie’s Little Charmer

Every other school has a special child who is tiny, intelligent, bubbly, jumpy and has shining white teeth. This is the child that stands in front of the line, can push his way through the crowd, can have as many candies possible and can make a tall kid feel short with his charm. Seldom remembered for wisdom and charm, this kid is just a one-day star. He is a Magpie with a thousand shades of charm but gets to shine only when observed with a binocular in the dense forest. That’s the situation of the Brooch, a little member of the jewellery family who is forgotten by the world with the passage of time. This little master with shiny jewels and a charm to die for has lived through generations- appearing now and then. Still makes an appearance when the fashion world is in dire need of it.

Brooch is a jewellery item that was used for holding the garment in place. This long lost clasp was born in 3300 BC but nobody gave a thought that a clasp can be the next big thing in the Y2K fashion world. It is the best pick to breathe some fresh life into a tailored business suit or pep up a black fedora. A brooch acts like a sensible jewellery piece that can be worn by both men and women without overdoing it. This magic touch of fairy godmother is made in various metals like bronze, copper, steel, silver, gold and studded with crystals, pearls, beads, semi-precious and even diamonds. Brooch is the only accessory type that crosses the sub-culture divides and be worn year round.

Magpie, go ahead and flaunt this amazing piece of art at following places with some tips:

a. Brunch/Lunch: Just remember that all that gaudy stuff can be saved for the afterhours (when nobody watching). So grab the delicate ones that have some tidbits hanging from them or just a single metal insect brooch will do the justice. Just don’t stick it to your upper shoulder or lapel, try new places like belts, ties, shirt collar or placket of your Chinese collar shirt.

b. Office: Don’t try to impress your manager with loud pieces as you cannot afford them to go blind in your appraisal meeting. Go for the subtle type, opt for the very simple bow style brooches or handmade brooches.

c. Party: Unleash your lust for gaudy stuff and opt for art deco brooches or Vintage style brooches. Just make sure it compliments your spiked slip-ons or printed scarfs. Just a request, please do not go overboard with your love for sparkle.

You can wear the brooches with an ease and without giving a dim about how it will look on you. Now please do not imagine that I will be giving you a tour de vintage, let me introduce you to some of the bobbing trends:

1. Pin Style Brooch:

Basic design revolves around a safety pin that has tidbits hanging or stuck on them.

2. Vintage style Brooch:

These are designed keeping in mind the golden era and a hit these days because of Game of Thrones.

3. Felt Brooch:

Made using fabric, threads, buttons and beads, these ones are a rage after Jay Z flaunted one recently in the photo op for a magazine.