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Monday, 25 February 2013

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes... Something that has many purposes that varies from person to person. Some just want these to save their feet from dust, some want to protect their feet while covering a long distance, some for jogging as suggested by the doctor, some to create a safety film as they work in an anti-bacterial environment and there is one last category that wants these to define their mood in an explicit manner. Where a person is not able to utter words, the shoes can paint a clear picture of their thoughts. Shoes are no more for making a style statement or for an exhibitionist who is coping with the changing fashion. They have crossed the boundary of colour coordination and have given up on long stays in the closet while waiting for the correct occasion to pop out with seven layers of expensive polish. Shoes have taken the cloak of colours and have emerged as a mute individual who has a personality of its own. They are no more just leather, sole and laces that made them a fancy accessory for men. Some shoes that are a must-have this season are as follows:

1. Two-Tone Shoes – When you look at these shoes, you get a bourgeois feel owing to their cut, style and colour combination. This type of shoes is available in leather, suede and canvas material. If you will go through the online megastores, you will find a huge collection of Monk, Oxford and Loafer shoes in this style from the brands like Carlton, Clarks and Famozi.

2. Braided shoes – Ever seen a braided hairstyle? If yes, then you will be able to relate to this type of shoes easily. This style, in leather or other material, is achieved after interlacing more than three strands to form a pattern.

3. Collared Shoes – Now you need to be careful as shoes also have collar that means you cannot manhandle them by tossing across the room. The collar style shoes are very popular among the teens and hip-hop fans. In addition, you will find the ever-stylish North-eastern people flaunting them in fluorescent colours.

 Now it is time for some shopping as your wardrobe still has some space left for the latest pair of shoes that you ought to buy.