Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bhikari Chic

Toga worn by the Romans was a symbol of Royalty and now it is the symbol of a Beggar!! But this English "Bhickari" is an inspiration and one of the two words that are in vogue. Introducing "Bhikari Chic", a brand that is none other than inspired by "Us". This brand leaves the orthodoxies of Fashion far behind and gives you something that is not served on daily platter. The designer photographer duo has come up with a killer collection of MSG and Graphic Tees that can catch eyeballs. Duo is constantly flooding the fashion space with Tees that Gen X is finding irresistible to grab. 

Last but not the least, "Bhikari Chic is der to make everything Fasionable and Wearable!"

Monday, 25 June 2012

Good Earth - Golkonda

When it comes to doing it in a grand manner then there is only one name that creates an extraordinarily breathtaking range of Items as well lives up to the expectations. Good Earth, every year it celebrates the colourful spirit of India and honors it by recreating the magic that can grace your lifeless rooms, blank walls and plain tables. 

This time Good Earth has brought the craft from the royal courts of Golkonda in the form of ornate golden lanterns, royal dinnerware and upholstery. Good Earth's Design Collection 2011-2012 ‘Golkonda' exhibition that personifies opulent palaces is priced between Rs. 700 and Rs. 22,500. 

Collection celebrating the colours and glitter of Golkonda diamonds has chandeliers, cut glass furniture and more. Tiger, the symbol of Tipu Sultan is recreated on the cushions and upholstery with portraits of royal women against florescent colours is used on small cushions. 

The designer collection for bed linen is graced with art of hand painting, Kalamkari from Machlipatnam. Dinner sets and glasses are adorned with the intricate patterns of Bidriwork from Hyderabad.

Designer Garbs: Josh Goraya

When the sun goes down, When the lights go out..... We run the night! To flash some style whole night one needs wardrobe that can define one's free spirit. So, Josh Goraya, a name that is already making news in the fashion world brings forth a new label, Designer Garbs. Apparels that characterized for contrast crepe panels, angled hems, bold yokes and unique highlights. 

Exemplify your STYLE!!






Friday, 22 June 2012

Knight Riders - Moccasins to fall for!!

When was the last time you felt at ease with your shoes?? Let me guess.... NEVER!! It's high time to burn all your shoes or just pass them to your fancy little friend. Go online and shop like you have never shopped before. Select the pairs that can keep your feet at ease and let them breath. And yes, let you wear them freely with a checkered 3/4ths or hot blue denim shorts (Show-off your sculpted thighs and bum!!;-p ). What you can opt for this summer is this new range of shoes from the house of Knight Riders. Available only online through fetise.com or fashionandyou.com

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gauge Machine!!

If something could have given run for compliments to your friend, it is this collection of Uber cool Laptop Bags from the brand Gauge Machine. Every bag is crafted in a manner to hold your laptop, accessories and knick-knacks in a classy manner. The best part about these bags is the finishing touch that adds volumes of attraction to them. Rusted Copper finish hardware and fine material, makes these bags a must have. So, stop carrying your old cracked leather bags and carry these laptop bags that are melody of contemporary design perfect finish and Uber touch!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I Bagged!!

From past few days I have not been updating this blog, I am sorry blog as der are no visitors as such!! So, what I was upto? Nothing much, just dying with fever..... But in between I found some amazing stuff online for guys. Plus, my I Know shirt got delivered just today!! :) Thanks to Fashionandyou.com, it took 26 days. ;(

Take a look at it:

Monday, 14 May 2012

Popping the PILLS!!

Every face of the earth has the loath expression dancing across. Their smile doesn't represent a happiness for your existence but has an underlined pity for you. Wherever you put a foot in, it directly lands in your own mouth. Being sweet to someone is now considered a mean nature. You have to explain your every move of life to a total stranger. Walls are your new best friend and phone is the most irritating thing in the world. When someone known passes by with a “WHO IS this PERSON LOOK” on the face. It is the right time to pop the pill.

Many people consider term “SUICIDE” a cowardly act, including me. But what makes a person tick and do something so formidable. It is the surrounding of that poor fellow that gets onto the dying horse and kicks in its guts. They forget the hard times they saw before reaching the place they are on. But it doesn't mean we can blame the people so openly as no one in the society is ready to accept the fault on their face. Every person has a power to read the expressions, sometime they use it wisely and sometimes they ignore. What is more important is vice versa of this scenario in the terms of the recipient. That poor fellow is reading every move of your gesture and simultaneously the BRAIN is predicting. When the tall phrases like I am there, please do not worry, everything will be fine and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH shatter, this where the indirect murder takes place. I know many of you will blame the person for not taking the things lightly, forgetting the past, considering the family and other stuff.

But what pushes that person over the edge? The PUSH from the FRIENDS, FAMILY and CO-WORKERS. Think for one instance, if everything would have been so easy for that person to absorb, forget and move on, then would that person have approached you ever? LOVING Family, that was always proud of the achievements of their kid, just turns into a living hell with freakishly negative statements or TAUNTs to be more precise. EXCITED Friends, who always wanted to meet, talk or hangout, doesn't even return the MSG. SUPPORTIVE Co-Workers, who tend to ignore you on your face or bitch on your back or consider you as the latest in line laughing stock. All this just because that person took a wrong decision in life or for some reason has been a victim. 

One word for this - BRAVO PEOPLE!!